Our consoles are developed by ethically sourcing unearthed roots and fallen trees that have been forgotten and left behind by others. Together with our artisans, we hand select the most beautiful pieces to be crafted into breathtaking console tables with untamed organic forms. Highlighting the plentiful bounty bestowed upon us by nature, each Origins Console possesses two finished sides that are wholly unique. No matter which orientation your console is in, you will have a one-of-a-kind piece of natural art on display at all times.
Teak Root Consoles

Available Wood Species
& Finishes

We offer a variety of wood species and finishes for our furnishings. Please take a look at the available options below.

Available Styles

Teak Root Consoles

Teak Root

Teak Root Consoles possess an exceptionally pronounced grain that is best accented by a simple clear coat finish. These consoles have erratic root formations similar to Lychee, however, teak roots are not as densely packed as Lychee. This produces visible gaps within the woodwork and makes every piece look truly unique. The wood produces natural oils that allow it to be used outdoors year-round, where it develops a beautiful silver-grey patina. We offer Teak Root tables in natural, bleached, and other kinds of finishes.
Gray Stone Consoles


The Freeform category comes into existence when Mother Nature decides to let down her hair and go crazy. Featuring a wide array of unpredictable and random shapes, Freeform can be used to describe pieces that don’t really fit in with the more defined categories. Typically cut from the root or branch sections of a tree, the true defining feature of Freeform is the extra character within the wood grain and the unorthodox, rooty shape of the wood itself.
Cantilevered Consoles


Cantilevered Consoles are made with Chamcha wood and share many qualities with Curl Consoles. Both are made of Chamcha wood, and possess curls within the wood grain, giving them a curved “C” shape. They also come in both Natural and Gray Stone finishes. However, the Cantilevered Consoles come with an iron frame metal tabletop that extends outwards from the wood, while the tops of Curl Consoles are the wood itself. Like Curl, these consoles also come with a Burnt Edge finish surrounding the outermost parts of the wood.
Aperture Consoles


Aperture Console Tables share many of the same qualities as the Chasm Coffee Tables. The distinguishing characteristic of the Aperture tables are the large holes present in their midsection. While there is usually just one hole, some tables may have more. Aperture tables can come in many different shapes, sizes, and wood types. The holes are typically formed from hollowed out trunks and do not include holes formed by the voids between branches.
Lychee Wood Consoles

Lychee Root

The Lychee Root consoles come from Lychee Wood; which is a hardy, heavy wood that originated from China. The fruit these trees bear has resulted in it becoming more prevalent across Southeast Asia and beyond. These consoles always come in their natural finish in order to showcase the unique reddish hue that Lychee wood is known for. The top surface of these tables are very organically shaped, fully showcasing the root formation of the trees they were taken from.
Iron Frame Wood Consoles


The Framed Consoles get their namesake from the black metal frame that encases a portion of wood, giving off a very unique look, resembling a picture frame you would hang on the wall. These tables are constructed exclusively from Chamcha wood, and they come in both Natural and Gray Stone finishes as well as a variety of sizes.
Bridge Consoles


Bridge Consoles can be constructed using any species of wood. Their distinguishing feature is the arc running between two supporting legs on either side. If a console table has any more or any less than two legs, it would not be considered a Bridge. The shape is very similar to that of a real life bridge, one that you would see on a highway or across a body of water.
Curl Consoles


Curl Console Tables can be constructed from any species of wood. Created from the outer portion of a hollowed out trunk, these pieces have a distinctive curling motion present within the wood grain of the piece. This gives the Curl Consoles a look that is very easily identifiable at a glance. The outermost part of the wood of the consoles always comes with our Burnt Edge finish. If you notice curls in the wood grain, or that the piece has a “C” shape, you can be sure it is a Curl Console.