A table base is not to be overlooked! At Phillips Collection, our intention is to utilize as much of the tree and root as possible to help clear the land to make it usable again. In our travels, we find various types of tree roots that we unearth, then cut, clean out, kiln dry, and are then able to repurpose as astonishing tables. Notice how it is the buried interwoven roots that make the most interesting surfaces after they are turned over. Sometimes the parts that don’t reveal themselves turn out to be the most beautiful.
Table Bases

Available Wood Species
& Finishes

We offer a variety of wood species and finishes for our furnishings. Please take a look at the available options below.

Available Styles

Dining Table Bases

Dining Table Bases

In keeping with our company’s ethos, we use the off-cuts of unearthed roots and trunk bases to bring you unique dining table bases. When coupled with a glass top, the visible root bases create an interesting focal part that doubles as a work of art.
Bar & Counter Table Bases

Bar & Counter Table Bases

Recognizing the need for tables in bar and counter heights, we now source our table bases in both sizes. These pieces are an extension of the beautiful dining height bases we’ve always brought you. We continue to guarantee a dramatic one-of-a-kind piece of functional art for your space.
Our table bases double as accent tables. Here we have a piece with a burnt edge, and without a glass top. A perfect way to showcase your prized trinkets!
These bases can also be used as coffee tables. If you find a piece that doesn't require a glass top, feel free to use the surface to put down your glass and kick up your feet!